45/365 | little valentine


i am a couple of days behind posting my 365 pictures. so, well, happy valentines day! ….again. i was attempting to get a shot of kingston giving boheme a kiss on the cheek. you know, to show the love. but every time i sat her in position next to her brother, she would get up and run away before i could take the picture. after about the fifteenth time placing her back in position, and yelling, “okay kingston hold her down—now kiss her, kiss her, quick!”, i decided to continue shooting as she walked away.

thank you st. valentine. lesson learned. i should never try to set up photos. and if i do, i should always continue shooting long after the moment has passed. i’ve learned that the best pictures are those that are taken in between the set up. that is when people are most authentically themselves, and that is where the magic lives.


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