56/365 | conversations with kingston


the other day we were walking home from school when you suddenly stopped, threw your hands in the air and yelled, “dandelion wishes!” you pulled a fluffy dandelion up from the earth, held the stem in your hand, closed your eyes, made a wish, and blew. you spent the next few minutes watching the seeds float out of sight. as we began to walk again you grabbed my hand and said, “now they will blow all the way up to heaven and tell God my wish.”

a few feet away from home, you found an old, rusty, hand-held gardening shovel in the dirt. you gasped as you picked it up and excitedly exclaimed, “wow! that was quick! this is exactly what i wished for!”

ever since you came into my life you have made me smile every single day. you are, hands down, one of my greatest teachers. watching the way you approach life has transformed me into a much softer person. thank you for the constant feeling of joy and for the never ending flow of inspiration. thank you for stopping me to watch dandelion seeds send magical wishes to heaven. i can’t wait to sit down with you thirty years from now and pick your brain while we sip tea.


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