you want to go out front and play. you’re sick of playing in the backyard. but the baby is sleeping and i can’t let you out front alone. it’s not like when i was a child. i could play outside all day. i ran around our neighborhood and through the woods. i rode my bike everywhere and knocked on neighbors doors to play with their kids. i never had to worry about my safety.

i am so sorry it has to be this way buddy. i wish i had a better explanation for you. but i don’t even understand why some human beings are so cruel.  i don’t understand why some human beings are only concerned with the physical being, forgetting of the soul, living life for the sole purpose of satisfying the ego and it’s desires and needs. i shelter you from that world. but someday you will learn on your own that there is a darkness out there–a darkness that produces all the problems we see in the world.


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