celebrating four years of kingston


four years ago he made his entry into this world with a grace and serenity that no one could ignore. he was an alert, wide-eyed baby who seemed to watch me as if he already knew me. as if he already loved me with a pureness that can only be described as Devine. thinking about our first moments together always makes me teary.

this morning he woke up early in our dark hotel room in carlsbad. i actually had to check the clock to make sure it wasn’t the middle of the night. he climbed in bed next to me and wrapped his arms around my neck. “is today your birthday?” i whispered. he hugged me tighter answering my question with no words. we lay there, a single, happy unit for many minutes. i thought about exactly where i was at this time time four years ago. driving to the hospital for a scheduled c-section. excitedly knowing i’d finally get to meet my baby boy.

today we spent the day at legoland celebrating this wanderlusting little boy who loves to collect experiences like one might collect shells at the beach. a little boy who has an old, wild soul as bright as moonlight. a little boy who quickly took his place in our family as the beloved baby brother.

tonight, as i tucked him into bed, i could see him watching me with that familiar wide-eyed alertness–now merged with four years worth of moments and memories that form the story of his young life. i press his soft cheeks gently against my face and inhale his being. i don’t know how long we sat there contently holding each other. but it was for as long as he would allow. moments like this make the greedy, insatiable speed of time seem almost bearable. almost.

happy birthday kingy-bingy-boo. we love you up to the sky and down to the ground. sweet dreams my precious son.

*  *  *

these are some of the photographs i took on our trip to legoland in carlsbad, ca







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