happy birthday sister

8525132198_f9a57b39df_ous, at your wedding shower. (photo taken by our cousin kristyn)

being so close in age, we shared a childhood together, we were in high school together, we partied away our twenties together, and we became wives and mothers in our thirties together. as we get older, we will get wrinkles together, blurry vision together, gray hair together, and watch our children leave the nest together.

in many ways, we are night and day–but we fit together perfectly. we were meant to be. we are soul mates. and because we travel this life together, our memories will never be lost.

thank you for being my defender. thank you for making me laugh until i cry. thank you for never getting sick of talking about our funny memories over and over again. and thank you for sharing this journey through life with me. i love and miss you. i will see you in july. have a lovely birthday.

love, your sister


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