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life 2011

it seems fitting that my very first post is a recap of last year.

being able to see last year fly by in a couple of minutes and seeing all those little moments I had forgotten about – i feel humbled. perhaps this is because, until now, I have only been focusing on the fact that 2011 was a particularly difficult year for us. we were robbed in the wee hours of the morning, we were betrayed by people we trusted, and we lost friendships that we thought would last forever.

but, as I began adding clips and frames, i was reminded of a few things I know in my heart to be true:

things like; the most beautiful and magical moments I have had so far have been the small and quiet ones. the beauty in life is everywhere around and all i have to do is stop and notice.

things like; even if it seems bad at the time, life unfolds exactly how it’s supposed to and it is always ultimately good. ¬†although It may not seem good at the time, we have to open up and trust the process.

i realize that as challenging as 2011 proved to be – i wouldn’t change it for the world. challenging experiences are always going to come and go, i know this. my children being young and innocent will fly by too fast, i know this too.

i hope when you watch, you will be reminded of how fleeting your own experiences are, and you will recognize the magic hidden in the everyday moments of your life.