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a few years ago we put you in baseball to boost your confidence. you were having trouble socially and acedemically and we prayed a sport would help. daddy volunteered to coach to ensure you got the time and attention you needed to thrive. yesterday, three years of hard work came to a head when daddy had you pitch the last inning. we were neck and neck with the other team, and as you jogged over to the pitchers mound, my heart sunk. i knew what was on the line for you—for your heart. you wore your game face proudly and pitched those baseballs with the confidence of a champ. you struck out three batters in a row to win the game! under my sunglasses, tears rolled down my face as i watched you and daddy run towards each other and into each other’s arms. no longer coach and player, but father and son. your teammates ran out to the field to embrace and cheer you on with such genuine sincerity. i am so thrilled you got to experience that moment JT. i know how hard you’ve worked and how far we’ve come as team montgomery. many congrats my little love–my MVP.

99/365 | windy


a windy afternoon at the big sand hill in malibu.


97/365 | do not disturb the artist


“jt, please look at mommy for a second, the light is so pretty in this restaurant.”

thank you for looking buddy. i think this expression is perfect, i would be annoyed by me too.




today we took a drive to the big rock in malibu. we love to go there and wait for the sun to set. there is nothing more beautiful.


life 2013

happy new year! i finally finished our “life 2013” film. i was going to post this yesterday but i had a few minor technological setbacks. what a great year it’s been. i thank everyone for the kind words and encouragement this past year. mostly, i thank my children for allowing me to stick this camera of mine in their faces almost everyday.



month eleven

10423258835_129225236d_ba portrait of my children together, every month for a year

month eleven and the baby is the first to crack. i had my money on Kingston. kids can be so unpredictable. only one month left in this series, thank goodness.


month ten

9722926239_d1620ace64_ka portrait of my children together, every month for a year

as you can see from Kingston’s face, he is sick of the monthly shot. just two months to go guys–we can do it. i think?





jt, you are many, many things all rolled into one. you are funny, witty, smart, independent, and a perfectionist. you are moody, pouty, loving, adventurous, and compassionate. you love to fish, dress up, play sports, and play your Wii. you have a tremendous imagination that can tell a thousand stories. you are an inquisitive little soul with so much behind those blue eyes. you are very head strong, and at the rip old age of seven, you think you know more than your parents. you are perfect in every way and we wouldn’t change a thing about you.

life in quotes | snail


“mommy, can you pwlease be quiet. i am waiting for my snail to become a slug.”



tomorrow this little guy goes to school for the first time. he’s been here with me, in our home, for five years. growing, learning, laughing. i am so happy for him because i know he will love it; but i am also very emotional because time seems greedy when you become a mama…