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month eleven

10423258835_129225236d_ba portrait of my children together, every month for a year

month eleven and the baby is the first to crack. i had my money on Kingston. kids can be so unpredictable. only one month left in this series, thank goodness.


month ten

9722926239_d1620ace64_ka portrait of my children together, every month for a year

as you can see from Kingston’s face, he is sick of the monthly shot. just two months to go guys–we can do it. i think?



month nine

a portrait of my children together, every month for a year

do you think they’ll let me continue to take this shot every month until they leave for college? 


fourth of july | month eight

a portrait of my children together, every month for a year

happy birthday, america. happy fourth to all of you. and happy eight months together my babies.


beloved trifecta | month seven

9353598572_5fecc0203e_ba portrait of my children together, every month for a year

happy seven months together my beloved trifecta. every month that passes we find more reasons to love you…

jt: you’re all about playing golf on the wii this month. we laugh because you are so competitive. i’m pretty sure you get that from me. actually, you remind me so much of myself in so many ways. the other night you came into our room after having a bad dream. i laid you down next me and we quietly talked about it. you told me that you dreamt about boheme drowning in the swimming pool. you were hysterically crying. don’t worry buddy. it just means that you love her so much that you can’t picture life without her. thank you for loving her as much as you do. you’re such a special little guy.

kingston: your sense of humor is amazing. you make me belly laugh daily. your favorite thing to do this month is carry on conversations with me as if we are strangers. the other day while you were swimming I asked you if daddy heated up the swimming pool. you said, “who’s that, you’re husband?” knowing you started the game without telling me, i answered, “what do you mean kingston?” you replied, “oh oh oh oh oh I’m not Kingston, I’m i’m i’m jim the swimming coach, but but but but you can call me coach. I’m just waiting for my student donnie to show up. then I’ll walk right into your house and meet your husband. okay?”

boheme: you are always smiling. and happy. and lovely. you are pure magic. pure light. i still catch you looking up at the ceiling communicating with your angels. you love tubs with me and kingston. you love rolling around on the floor to get to where you want to be. you love sitting up but you’re still a little wobbly. you love your brothers. your face lights up when they play with you. i tell you a hundred times a day how loved you are but it still doesn’t seem like enough.



our girl | month six


our girl. she joined us six months ago and has quickly taken her place as the beloved baby sister. she is perfectly comfortable being the burst of pink in between her brothers. the burst of joy that penetrates the entire house. everyday she grows and our family ties intertwine. as we twist and tumble together we become stronger. how to be properly thankful for our girl, will remain one of nature’s secrets.


pleading | month five


i have to admit, this monthly progression shot is getting harder and harder with these three. jt and kingston only agree to lay down for the photo with the understanding that there will be a snack afterwards. they can’t sit still for more than thirty seconds before they start wrestling with each other–boheme in the middle. speaking of boheme, she refuses to stay on her back these days. as soon as i place her in between her brothers she immediately rolls over onto her belly. the boys start shouting, “rolling baby” and all hell breaks loose! i reposition them. i bribe them again. boheme yanks their hair and scratches their faces, which sends them all into a fit of laughter. i stand over them pleading, “look at the camera and smile, just once, please guys, stop hitting each other, you’re scaring the baby, no rolling boheme, look at mommy’s cool camera, take bo’s hand out of your mouth, okay that’s it no snack! kingston put your clothes back on.”

finally, i give up and pray that i got at least one good shot. the boys are gone in a flash–back to playing and wrestling. i breastfeed boheme while looking through the photos and i smile. i see that it is worth all the bribery, begging, and pleading for this one shot each month. now if you’ll excuse me, i need a nap!


yes | month four


if there ever comes a day when you wonder if being your mother is the coolest, craziest, hardest, best thing i have ever done; if you wonder if you three little souls are more important than anything else to me; if pain and betrayal find you and you wonder if you will ever recover; if you wonder whether everything that happens in your life is really there to teach you a lesson; and if there ever comes a day when you wonder if it is possible to be completely and blissfully happy in this life. remember this from your mother, the answer is…



home | month three


my three little souls, you are always here with me. in our home, in my heart, in my blood. i watch everyday as you live so fully, so awake, so present. i watch everyday as you dance, explore, laugh, and fight. i am here with you for every skinned knee, every play date, and every lego ship you proudly build. like a compass, i guide you and you guide me. you show me the beauty and slow hum of life. you took me off autopilot and taught me to notice where i am. who i am. who we are.

i know these years will not last, us at home together. some days i feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of our little world inside these four walls–cooking, cleaning, teaching, bedtime battles, wall-to-wall toys in every room. but most days i feel like, as tight as i try to hold on to these precious years, they are slipping through my fingers like water. i want you three little souls to know that, no matter where your path may lead, i will always be home for you.


beautiful | month two


just two months and we are completely changed. our sweet boheme came into our lives and we will never be the same. for months i dreamed of what it would be like to have a daughter. to have three children. now she is here and i can’t imagine spending a day without her.

she wakes up every morning with a big smile on her face. she glows like an angel. she holds back nothing in her love. i say “good morning” and she squeals with delight . good morning is her favorite word. i stare deeply into her face as she falls asleep beside me in the evening. i breathe her in and feel blessed to be her mother.

i am so proud of my boys. i worried about how boheme would affect them. worried about how they would adjust. but jt and kingston adore their baby sister, desperate to be the one to get her to smile. life is so good. and beautiful. and i promise to never get used to the beauty.