8517523338_5c35b42b53_bus, the day we eloped.

thirty-three years ago today you came into the world and twenty-five years later into my life.

I wish I could convey how very much I love you. i try to find the words and i cannot. because writing about how much you love someone is hard. hard not to sound trite. hard not to sound clichéd. and so hard not to sound like a corny hallmark card. i’ve learned that best things in life are often the most difficult to articulate.

the first time we met (smoking a cigarette outside of tony p’s in marina del rey) was a deeply profound moment in my life. one of those where everything stops and you even forget to breathe. you asked me for a light, i looked into your eyes, and everything around us faded into the background. in the stillness i heard a very clear voice in my head say something that i will never forget…

the voice said, it’s him.

we have been together everyday for eight years since that day. i would be lying if i said i have never mourned those first few months of all-consuming love we once shared. i would be lying if i said i was never insecure about failing to be all you want/need in a wife. i would be lying if i said i have never wondered if we had our children too soon after meeting.

but then i witness the extraordinary love you have for our little creations. you love them just as much as i do. you would die for them too. i realize that the passion is not lost but the nature of the passion has changed. it has changed from discovery to knowing.  knowing you will always protect us. knowing you will always respect us. knowing you will always put us first.

you are the most important part of my story. of our story…

8546324024_40277b9126_bmaking a wish

8545223749_4dea005d68_bblowing out the candles


happy birthday babe.
i love you and our family more than anyone could possible love anything. i am so happy it was you, chosen for me.


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