father’s day


how could i have known what a wonderful father he would be when we met? I find it hard to put into words what i feel when i witness the extraordinary love he has for his little creations. it’s beautiful. it’s inspiring. it’s a language all its own. he is the kind of man who will sit for hours on end telling them enchanted stories of far away places. he easily transitions into a human jungle gym after a long day of work. he coaches every team they join, holds their hands, and tells them “i love you” countless times a day.

gratitude flows heavily thru my soul and i cry tears of love as i type this post. because my children have been blessed with such an amazing father–and he just happens to be my husband. a husband that gives of himself unselfishly. loves me just as i am. and always puts his responsibility to us (his family) first.

i remember how terrified john seemed when we brought jt home from the hospital. he drove about 10 miles an hour the whole way home and yelled at all the other drivers for going too fast. he held him as if he was a fragile package. he was afraid of hurting him when he needed burping. when jt cried, john would shoot me a worried, panicked look.

things were easier for him the second time around. he held and burped kingston like a seasoned pro. when kingston was fussy i could hand him over to his daddy and find them both sound asleep moments later. to me, there is just nothing as sweet as a sleeping baby…except maybe a sleeping baby with his daddy.

happy father’s day babe. on this day every year i am reminded again that i am the luckiest women in the world. i am lucky that it was you chosen especially for me. there is no one else i would rather walk thru this world with. no one else i would rather journey through the winding road of parenthood with. and no else i would rather call my husband. my partner. the father of my children.

*   *   *

these are some of my favorite pictures of john with our children. you will notice that some of these pictures are blurry, some are grainy, and some are just plain bad. but i see perfection in the imperfection of all these shots. that is family. perfectly imperfect. 

8520282912_f0ce747c66_bjohn with a brand new jt

8520282674_fd3a8d3269_bsleeping on two chairs at the hospital after jt’s birth

8520283730_29f3f7de80_bon a ferris wheel at the marshfield, ma fair

8520281884_b33a307482_bmoments after kingston’s birth

8519173089_d0afbea399_b a sleepy kingston and john

8520294742_4c4f460e25_bsunset at the beach in san clemente, ca

8520288616_e40d3be86e_bplaying ball together in malibu

8520290050_edb17edaa8_bsummer love in maine

8519167251_436ff30d4f_bsleeping on sebago lake in maine

8519178855_080e080b2d_bcutting down our christmas tree in santa clarita, ca

8519182923_74ebb25e39_bafter a long day of work

8338595227_28c34873a5_btrying to grab a snack

8346412299_5f9484ebc1_bputting legos together

8351372101_4abbff6e61_bplaying chutes and ladders

8351740735_042a39495d_bice cream after a swim


i love you always.  WE love you always.


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