kingston. the one in the not-so-popular middle position. i worried about how you would adjust to not being the baby anymore. how your birth order would affect you, if at all. but let me assure you, of all the personalities that can handle being a middle child, yours is definitely the most suited. it is in the funny things you say everyday, and the way you run to hug me yelling “mommy” when i pick you up at school. it is your dynamic personality that attracts attention wherever you go. you could bowl people over with your happiness alone. nana always tells me that no child has ever made her laugh as much as you. it has always been this way since the moment you were born and i suspect it always will be. as you adjust to your new sister, i want you to know that you will always stand out to me. i want you to know that you are irreplaceable in my heart. i will take extra time to spend with you. to wrap my arms around you. to tell you over and over how precious and special you are. time freezes a hundred times a day when i look at you. you are made of light, my middle child, my love.


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