a few years ago we put you in baseball to boost your confidence. you were having trouble socially and acedemically and we prayed a sport would help. daddy volunteered to coach to ensure you got the time and attention you needed to thrive. yesterday, three years of hard work came to a head when daddy had you pitch the last inning. we were neck and neck with the other team, and as you jogged over to the pitchers mound, my heart sunk. i knew what was on the line for you—for your heart. you wore your game face proudly and pitched those baseballs with the confidence of a champ. you struck out three batters in a row to win the game! under my sunglasses, tears rolled down my face as i watched you and daddy run towards each other and into each other’s arms. no longer coach and player, but father and son. your teammates ran out to the field to embrace and cheer you on with such genuine sincerity. i am so thrilled you got to experience that moment JT. i know how hard you’ve worked and how far we’ve come as team montgomery. many congrats my little love–my MVP.

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