one month of boheme

8484312178_2a1fcf3a99_bus, days before boheme’s birth

it has already been four weeks since boheme was born and our journey as a family of five began. she is fast asleep beside me. she makes soft sleeping noises, blissfully grunting and whimpering. her arms and legs move and twitch as she dreams. her facial muscles frown and smile in her sleep. she is cozily swaddled to stop her sleep movements from waking her. when she is hungry she opens her tiny mouth, puckers her lips, and moves her head from side to side like a baby bird waiting to be fed. i quickly pick up this tiny blessing and hold her tight. i breathe her in and put her on my breast. she already knows the smell of my milk. moments later she is back to sleep, milk-drunk against my chest.

we have been soaking in these early weeks of getting to know our sweet girl. the five of us spending all our time as one.  together we watch as our former life fades into the distance, and through the soft haze of newness, we see our present slowly come into focus. our family has been reborn.

it seems like boheme has always been a part of our lives. and in a way she has–the little girl john dreamed about. when i was newly pregnant with our first son, john had a profoundly lucid and detailed dream of a little girl. he said she was about 4 years old. she was in a field of tall grass picking flowers. the little girl looked up at him with big blue eyes, her arms outstretched. he bent down and lifted her in to his arms and whispered “i don’t want to leave you here but you will be with us soon.” the little girl reached up and caressed his face and whispered back “i will be with you daddy, but it will not be soon.” that dream was six years ago, now she is here at last. our sweet boheme.

8210225496_24bb364fe7_btiny hands

8484092648_f2bd181e3b_bgetting ready to breastfeed my little bird

8540381904_2670a0f85f_bfirst bath together

8228149491_f29d1a06a6_bjohn loving on his little girl

8209141465_f3b8483ab8_bspending time together getting to know boheme

8210232634_e6b21ac9e4_bjt and boheme bonding

8229214178_1b60947e20_blittle dreamer 

8239490827_271c9f3472_bcozy evenings by the fire


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