dear stranger, you probably don’t remember me, but you found me crying in my green volkswagen cabrio. you were driving a black lincoln town car when you pulled up next to me at a red light on santa monica and sepulveda. you didn’t know that i had recently moved to los angeles from boston, carrying all my troubles with me, like a bag full of rocks. you didn’t know that i was cursed to constantly judge every decision. cursed to never know the feeling of trusting myself. you couldn’t see the scars from memories i will never live again.

i glanced your way and saw you motion me to roll my window down. trying to fight back tears, i put my bag of troubles on the passenger seat, and rolled my window down. the sun was setting, your eyes danced in the golden light, and i could tell you were kindhearted by the way time marked your face. with a warm smile, you told me, “everything will be okay.” and just like that, the light turned green, and with a wave of your time worn hand, you were gone.

i want you to know that you were right. everything did turn out okay. i am a wife and a mother now and life is so good. i want you to know that i was going to leave los angeles and go back home to boston before you pulled up next me, kind words fluttering from your mouth.

because of you, i followed my heart and stayed. because of you, i stayed and met my husband. because of you, i met my husband and have three beautiful little souls, dancing around my ankles, in the same golden light.

i left some of the rocks from my bag of troubles on the corner of santa monica and sepulveda that day. now i carry a lesser load because of kind words from a stranger. so come sit with me dear stranger, let me pour you some tea, and show you what your wisdom has given me…


8386234208_658482e513_bmy oldest son, who was born two years after we “met”


8472035740_4ea2c60066_bmy second son, born two years after the first. giving my oldest son a brother is the best gift i will ever give him.

8336157906_a06ce2b838_bmy daughter. simply put, she’s dreamy.

8542484891_d8f8a790e0_band finally, my husband. i married so well. fatherhood is a job he was meant to do.


so thank you dear stranger. what you taught me was simple but pure. now it is time to go, the tea is already gone, but your memory is alive.


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