beloved trifecta | month seven

9353598572_5fecc0203e_ba portrait of my children together, every month for a year

happy seven months together my beloved trifecta. every month that passes we find more reasons to love you…

jt: you’re all about playing golf on the wii this month. we laugh because you are so competitive. i’m pretty sure you get that from me. actually, you remind me so much of myself in so many ways. the other night you came into our room after having a bad dream. i laid you down next me and we quietly talked about it. you told me that you dreamt about boheme drowning in the swimming pool. you were hysterically crying. don’t worry buddy. it just means that you love her so much that you can’t picture life without her. thank you for loving her as much as you do. you’re such a special little guy.

kingston: your sense of humor is amazing. you make me belly laugh daily. your favorite thing to do this month is carry on conversations with me as if we are strangers. the other day while you were swimming I asked you if daddy heated up the swimming pool. you said, “who’s that, you’re husband?” knowing you started the game without telling me, i answered, “what do you mean kingston?” you replied, “oh oh oh oh oh I’m not Kingston, I’m i’m i’m jim the swimming coach, but but but but you can call me coach. I’m just waiting for my student donnie to show up. then I’ll walk right into your house and meet your husband. okay?”

boheme: you are always smiling. and happy. and lovely. you are pure magic. pure light. i still catch you looking up at the ceiling communicating with your angels. you love tubs with me and kingston. you love rolling around on the floor to get to where you want to be. you love sitting up but you’re still a little wobbly. you love your brothers. your face lights up when they play with you. i tell you a hundred times a day how loved you are but it still doesn’t seem like enough.



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