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my three little souls, you are always here with me. in our home, in my heart, in my blood. i watch everyday as you live so fully, so awake, so present. i watch everyday as you dance, explore, laugh, and fight. i am here with you for every skinned knee, every play date, and every lego ship you proudly build. like a compass, i guide you and you guide me. you show me the beauty and slow hum of life. you took me off autopilot and taught me to notice where i am. who i am. who we are.

i know these years will not last, us at home together. some days i feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of our little world inside these four walls–cooking, cleaning, teaching, bedtime battles, wall-to-wall toys in every room. but most days i feel like, as tight as i try to hold on to these precious years, they are slipping through my fingers like water. i want you three little souls to know that, no matter where your path may lead, i will always be home for you.


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