pleading | month five


i have to admit, this monthly progression shot is getting harder and harder with these three. jt and kingston only agree to lay down for the photo with the understanding that there will be a snack afterwards. they can’t sit still for more than thirty seconds before they start wrestling with each other–boheme in the middle. speaking of boheme, she refuses to stay on her back these days. as soon as i place her in between her brothers she immediately rolls over onto her belly. the boys start shouting, “rolling baby” and all hell breaks loose! i reposition them. i bribe them again. boheme yanks their hair and scratches their faces, which sends them all into a fit of laughter. i stand over them pleading, “look at the camera and smile, just once, please guys, stop hitting each other, you’re scaring the baby, no rolling boheme, look at mommy’s cool camera, take bo’s hand out of your mouth, okay that’s it no snack! kingston put your clothes back on.”

finally, i give up and pray that i got at least one good shot. the boys are gone in a flash–back to playing and wrestling. i breastfeed boheme while looking through the photos and i smile. i see that it is worth all the bribery, begging, and pleading for this one shot each month. now if you’ll excuse me, i need a nap!


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