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166/365 | father’s day


i hope everyone had a fun father’s day. we started the day with hike and then had some friends over for a bbq and swimming. lots of laughs and tons of fun had by all.

94/365 | big brother


i shot many pictures of you today at your baseball game. but this is the one i chose for our project. just the three of us walking home together. kingston decided to drive home with daddy. the sun had just set, the birds were singing, and everything was still. we took our shoes off and watched the moon rise over the trees as we walked. your sister kept shouting, “moon, moon, moon” and we would laugh. i want to remember these ordinary moments with you. they are fleeting and so, so special to me.


87/365 | MVP


the day you earned the game ball for being the most valuable player.


68/365 | off to the ball field



55/365 | breakfast


if it was up to me you would only eat healthy, whole foods. but i understand that we live in the real world, and so once in a while i give in and let you enjoy something sugary and bad. but don’t expect to be getting this cereal on a regular basis–got it kid?


53/365 | sick


my sweetest boheme; even when you’re sick and your hair is wildly disheveled from extra hours of much needed sleep, you are still so stunningly beautiful.


52/365 | daddy’s little girl


for the first year of your life, you never separated from me. if i attempted to leave your side for even a second, you would spiral into a fit of hysteria. slowly though, in a very subtle way, you are growing more and more content with your daddy. and while i wouldn’t classify you as a full fledged daddy’s girl just yet, i can see it heading in that direction. you have him wrapped around your chubby little finger.




boheme. you are one today, my precious girl. this year has flown by in an instant. sometimes i wish i could save this time in a bottle and revisit it when i am old and gray and have nothing but time on my hands. since that is not possible, i take plenty of pictures of you. it makes me feel better knowing that i can live this time over again in retrospect.

you have brought so much joy to our family. we all love you beyond words. some of the things you love; playing with your brothers, pat-a-cake, baths, being out and about, the beach, your dolly, sleeping right next to your momma every night, and when we sing ‘happy birthday’ to you…

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear boheme, happy birthday to you.